About this blog

My name is Massimiliano, I live in northern Italy.
I’m a software engineer, and information technology is also my hobby. I spend most of my spare time working on my computer. I'm interested about computer hardware, system administration, networking, free software, science, artificial intelligence, photography.

During the week end I like to go around with my mirrorless camera and take pictures of interesting subjects.

This blog is about IT an other technology related things: software dev tips, SQL, hardware devices review/information, DIY project, dismantling things, fixing broken appliance...

If you are looking for more information about my job as a software developer, you can look here about.me/MFerrari or here www.linkedin.com/in/ferrarimassimiliano.

If you like photography, you can take a look at my photography blog: https://www.shotsforpassion.com/

Feel free to contact me for any question.

I hope you enjoy my blog :-)

P.S.: If you are wondering what is represented in the image on this page: it's a macro photo I took of the LCD screen of HTC Excalibur S620, my first smartphone :-)