Friday, August 16, 2013

IMHO the new GMail compose window is ridiculous - GMail Alternative short list

IMHO the new compose window in GMail is ridiculous...
Today I started thinking about alternative service, so I thought "I'll make a short list of GMail alternative, and I'll post it to Google Plus"

And the thing started to become even more ridiculous... :-)

I tried to pose the following text on G+,

About the new GMail Compose Window... It's ridiculous.
Google is really going beyond the limits :-(

I've just compiled a short list of GMail Alternative, just in case.
I've never been so near at trashing GMail :-(
And That's sad, because there was a time when GMail was the coolest email account... but maybe that those days are finally gone.

Anyway, here is my the Gmail Alternative short list:

Feel free to add other alternatives in the comments :-)
And guess what?
I got a fancy message saying that "This post violates our policies; it's visible only to you" I cant believe it... whats wrong with this post? maybe too many links? :-)

Yes, there was too many links...
But now it seem that I've been able to post this without links, and then I've added back the links by editing the post after sharing :-)

Finally I made it, the second post on G+ is now visible, with all the links :-)

Happy GMail Alternative testing to everyone :-)