Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Browser benchmark: Firefox 5.0 vs. Chrome 13 vs. Internet Explorer 9 on V8 Benchmark Suite

Firefox 5.0 vs. Chrome 13 vs. Internet Explorer 9

V8 Benchmark Suite - version 6

Results (higher is better):

Chrome 13 beta  -  9669
Firefox 5.0          -  4385
IE 9                     -  2138

Chrome 13 beta win, but Firefox 5.0 isn't bad :-)

(test run on Win7 x64 SP1, CPU Intel i7 860@2.8GHz)

xkcd: Connoisseur


That's absolutely true :-)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reblog: [H]ard|OCP - Microsoft Launches Kinect for Windows SDK Beta

Microsoft Launches Kinect for Windows SDK Beta

You know all those cool videos we post showing people doing neat stuff with the Kinect? Well, now you can make your own thanks to the new Kinect of Windows SDK beta.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Reblog: What is the Best Way to Apply Thermal Compound? | Hardware Secrets

We already explained how the thermal compound (a.k.a. thermal grease or thermal paste) works and a “how-to-apply-it” in our How to Correctly Apply Thermal Grease tutorial. Now, we will try seven different ways of applying it, testing each way, and comparing the cooling performance. Let's see if what we always mention - that less thermal compound is better than more - is true.

Each different method is presented in three pictures, one of the thermal compound applied to the CPU before installing the cooler, one of the CPU after the test with the cooler removed, and one of the base of the cooler after the test.

A nice article with some real test about how to apply thermal compund.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey! It's IPv6 Day! Test your IPv6 connectivity!

Today, 8 june, is the IPv6 Day, where many major internet society will enable their service on IPv6 connectivity!
Test your IPv6 connectivity here (simple IPv6 test) and here (detailed IPv6 test).
Are you ready to browse the internet in IPv6 only connectivity?

My computer seem to be ready, but my ISP isn't....

I wish you you all a happy IPv6 Day! :-)