Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Single click conversion form any format to multiple format (EPUB, PDF, TXT, RTF...) using Calibre - with batch multiple files conversion

Many years ago I developed a script to convert ebooks in different format, using the command-line tool provided by Calibre

You can find the old version of my script ad the following link: 

v1: Single click conversion form any format to EPUB, using Calibre

v2: Single click conversion form any format to EPUB using Calibre v2.0 - now with batch multiple files conversion, and rename instead than overwrite

v3: Single click conversion form any format to MOBI using Calibre

And today, we have the version 4.

Click here to download the version 4 of the conversion script.

This updated version of the script is useful when you need to convert ebooks from any Calibre-supported formats, to multiple destination formats at once.

For example, you may have 3 ebooks: "mybook1.pfd  /  otherbook.epub  /"  and you want to convert those 3 ebooks to 4 different formats: PDF, DOCX, MOBI, TXT.
You can do this with my script.

This script is configured to convert to all Calibre supported output format, you just need to enable the section of the format you need.
Keep in mind that if you enable all the supported formats, the script will be a bit slow.

You need to place this script in the same folder where you have the Calibre executable.

Then you can drag and drop the file you want to convert on the script: